Shimal Residences & Hotel – Akyaka


Kite Surf

DO NOT MISS THE KITE SURF EXPERIENCE GLOBALLY KNOWN PARADISE OF KITE SURFERS. The beach is as long as the shores of the gulf of Gökova from one side to the other side and doesn’t have any rocks, buildings, power lines or any other obstacles which might be dangerous for kiteboarding.There is a very large area to launch and land your kite on the beach.Even though there are some swimmers and beach users on some parts of the beach, our training location is far from all of these in a very convenient area. THE WIND: The wind in Gokova Bay starts in April when the weather temperature gets warmer and continues its rate until November. There is almost no windless day during this 7 months period of the year. The wind starts as a calm sea-breeze at around 9 a.m. and increases up to 18-20 knot with the influx of air temperature.There are hardly any gusty winds in Gökova which is another reason why this area is such a splendid place for beginners and those who want to improve their kiteboarding practice. The increase of the wind rate throughout the day allows for different levels to practice at different times. THE SEA: The sea it is shallow for 150 metre and the bottom is purely sand. For the first 50 metre the water is completely free of waves and calm. Small waves occur after 50 metre depending on the wind’s power.However for those wishing to go over high waves in other part of the sea there are waves as high as 2 meters. The water temperature is suitable enough to do kiteboarding without wearing a wetsuit. There are 7 rivers feedingGokovaBay so the salt level is quite low on the shore. These rivers also play the role of cleaning the sea

Sub Diving

Explore the wealthy aura of under sea at Gokova gulf.

Rock Climbing & Canyoning

It is time to get wet, first waterslide into the turqoise pool and you’re in there… No experience is needed for this tour in Toparlar Canyon (35km to Akyaka). It is kids’ favourite tour as they like to jump, jump and jump. You’ll be jumping little waterfalls and abseiling 3-4 different spots, swimming the fresh pools will make you reborn! An enjoyable canyoning trip for anyone who is keen to scramble over rocks and plunge into cool spring water. On the hottest of days, you can escape the power of the sun when walking in the shade of pine and liquid amber trees down in deep canyon. This fun and action trip also takes place in our active week programme. Our rock climbing routes are 2 km to Akyaka with a scenery of Gökova Gulf. There are 7 routes in different grades that you can learn or practice rock climbing in every level.

Off Road Biking

Visit the nearby forests by your bike.

Wind Surf

Akyaka provides you with one of the most suitable winds for wind surfing.


Try the favorite hobby of the locals.

Horse Riding

Our Reception Staff would be pleased to make neccesary arrangements


Would yoy by any chance know trekkers from all over come to Akyaka just for trekking.


A nature's gifts to Turkey are rivers. They provide perfect conditions for canoeing and rafting Dalaman River is one of the most popular rivers which offers rafting opportunities for those who want to discover wild nature, breathtaking scenery and adventure. All equipment and necessary information is provided by the professional rafting team which consist of international experts who will be accompanying you. It's an exhilarating experience.

River Boat Trip

The main river boat excursion is a half day trip including breakfast (although dusk, and probably other on demand trips are available). The boats used are fairly small river boats, and have a capacity of about 10 people you can squeeze more in but it could get tight, and difficult to move around. Once embarked, the boat makes its way down the river to the harbour. Keep a good look out, along the banks you can see turtles, and, if you are lucky, the occasional kingfisher. The waters are incredibly clear, as well as freezing cold, and many fish can be seen in the deep waters.


From the 970 meter altitude of Sakartepe fly over the splendid scnery of Gokova and reach Akyaka.