Shimal Residences & Hotel – Akyaka


Dalyan is one of Turkey’s better kept secrets, a world in itself. There are not many accessible places left on Earth where the elements have retained their primeval freshness. Dalyan, where the lake meets the sea, is one of them. Dalyan Resort has perfect setting in the heart of Dalyan. Spectacular scenery, the existence of the biological richness such as sea, dunes, lagoons, swamps, lakes, forests, wildlife and historic site Caunos attract numerous visitors to this charming and beautiful town, Dalyan. You will be amazed at the sites of very rare species of birds (you can’t see anywhere else in the world), silver medal award winning thermal springs and, natural healing mud baths. As well as, spectacular channels weaved like a labyrinth, surrounded with reed beds and endless golden sands. Moreover, with great nature, weather, water and people, along with the delicious fish and seafood of the Mediterranean. Dalyan is one of the very rare regions in the world, that still retains its natural charm and beauty.